Meet JoAnn

JoAnn Abbott is the owner/therapist of I AM Therapeutic and Rehabilitative Massage for Women.  Her passion for health through nutrition, fitness and body awareness while staying true to her holistic ideals led her to a career as a massage therapist.  As a graduate of Cayce/Reilly School of Massotherapy, JoAnn strengthened her belief that the body, mind and spirit are interwoven and cannot be separated. After graduating from massage school she felt that while massage helped and was therapeutic something was missing.  Following her intuition she attended several seminars presented by John F Barnes’ on his approach to Myofascial Release.  She realized this was the piece that was missing in her practice. His approach incorporated the the mind-body and the results were lasting.  The insights and techniques of JFB-MFR and her interest in the intricacies and physiology of the female body and the way our thoughts and emotions shape our movement led her to creating I AM Therapeutic and Rehabilitative Massage for Women.

As a mother of four children, physically active, and a professional businesswoman JoAnn understands that women have unique stresses.  Prenatal changes, birth, breastfeeding, and the hormonal and physical changes that shape our lives, as well as sports injuries and the everyday activities, postures or accidents all take their toll on women.

There are many places to get massages and many exceptional therapists, but her intuitive approach to treatment, to listen to each woman, to their individual story, is what sets JoAnn apart.  Every woman has a story and each one is different.  Every massage is different and everyday our stories change.  JoAnn knows that each massage will change with the story, and that every woman should be able to define themselves by who they are, by their story, and pain should not be part of it.

JoAnn continues to study under John F Barnes’to obtain more insight and understanding of our bodies and to bring that to each of her clients.

JoAnn is married to her best friend, the mother of four grown children and one grandson. She enjoys spending time outdoors running, hiking and camping with her family and is an avid yogi.


4646 Princess Anne Rd #103 Virginia Beach, VA 23464         757-375-8405