September MFR Self Care Tip – The Gluteal Region

Welcome to I AM MFR Self Care Tips September represents the end of summer, back to school, shorter days and thankfully cooler temps.¬† For many of us this also means faster paced days, hectic schedules¬†and, undeniably, more stress! What usually takes a back seat to all the “stuff” going on in lives is our ownContinue reading “September MFR Self Care Tip – The Gluteal Region”

Cupping Therapy, Is it for everyone?

I recently finished up my cupping certification in June with the International Cupping Therapy Association.  I had been interested in this type of therapy for a couple of years after I had some limited work done by another practitioner.  She was impressed by the effectiveness of the work in most people and I was impressedContinue reading “Cupping Therapy, Is it for everyone?”