Is Myofascial Release massage?

No. John Barnes Myofascial Release is not massage. It is very different from massage and other forms of manual therapy. It is different from other forms of Myofascial Release too. This form of manual therapy is practiced by Massage Therapists (like myself), Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech Therapists and other health professionals.

How should I be dressed for best results?

Myofascial Release is done directly on the skin. You should bring appropriate clothes so that allows for hands on contact of your body. Loose fitting shorts, sports bra or a two piece bathing suit are all appropriate.  Please make sure you do not have any lotions or oils on your skin before coming as this treatment does not slide on the skin but work the connective tissue under it.

What should I expect?

A Myofascial Release therapist utilizes a whole body approach to treatment. During your initial session your therapist will be looking for areas of fascial restriction in the body. The treatment approach will vary depending on where your particular areas of restriction lie. You may be treated in areas that seem unrelated to your condition. However, these areas may be creating a line of tension on adjacent pain sensitive structures, thus contributing to your symptoms.

Treatment sessions are often very relaxing. There may or may not be conversation with the therapist and at the same time the therapist will encourage you to be aware of sensations you may be feeling in your body. Feedback to the therapist about what you are feeling helps the therapist to be most effective.

How do you typically feel after a session?

Following your session you will typically feel very relaxed. After this experience many people have increased energy, heightened awareness and greater productivity – which can last for days. Since toxins are released from your soft tissues during the session, it is important that you drink plenty of water for 24-48 hours following your session.

How long is each session?

Generally, sessions are 60 minutes in duration. Frequently, patients will schedule multiple session in a day or week depending on their goals. Because this work is gentle, yet effective, most patient’s find the multiple sessions accelerate their healing.

How many sessions of Myofascial Release do I need?

There is no magic number, but in a general sense, three sessions is a good place to start. Discounts are offered in groups of three. It is unreasonable to expect a chronic condition that took years to develop to be eliminated in a single session.  Additional sessions and home care recommendations by your therapist are always helpful.

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