All treatments are customized to meet your individual needs to address primary concerns  and ultimately to help the body find relief from any discomforts.

All treatments are tailored to the individual’s needs, sensitivities and comfort levels.

Myofascial Release Therapy

Many of us have chronic pain, areas of tension or restrictions that never seem to go away.  These areas may develop after trauma, due to stress or from habits and postures.  Our body is always trying to find homeostasis (balance) and if something is off balance it will create compensations. These compensations are designed to help us in the short term,  but long term it generally leads to physical discomforts, limited range of motion and chronic pain.  Myofascial Release Therapy (MFR) works with the body to release these restrictions and help guide it to a more balanced, restorative state.   The initial session is 90 minutes and will include a detailed client intake form and assessment, client health concerns and treatment goals, as well as an initial treatment.  While relief can occur after first session it generally takes several sessions to help the body find balance and restoration. Please see FAQ for additional info 

Initial Session: Assessment, treatment, individual plan $110

60 Minute Follow-up Sessions :  $90

75 Minute Follow-up Sessions (recommended) : $112

90 Minute Follow-up Sessions: $135

Therapeutic Massage

A full body massage that is designed for the individual client.  Using a combination of techniques to get the best therapeutic results during your session.  Including sports and prenatal/postpartum

60 minute: $75

90 minute: $95

Neck and Shoulder Therapy

40 minutes to release the muscles and fascial tissue of the neck, shoulder and head to help you feel more open and fluid.  

40 minute: $55

Cupping Therapy:

Cupping Therapy is a traditional form of alternative medicine that creates negative pressure on the body with a variety of cups including silicone, plastic, glass, magnetic and more. Negative pressure, simply put, is suction and rather than compression (regular massage), it lifts the skin and connective tissue (fascia) off and away from the bone, separating the layers to facilitate soft tissue release, break up restrictions, and increase blood and lymph flow, restoring the system and creating healthy fascia. Please .

Add on Massage Session: $20

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